Meet Cina Soul’s VGMA Stylist, The Stylennovator

We had a conversation with the leader of The Stylennovator team, The Stylennovator, to understand how she works, when she started working with Cina Soul and how she made her VGMA outfit in less than 24 hours.

Screenshot of Cina Soul’s Instagram Page

How many people is the stylennovator team made of?

The Stylennovator Team is an offshoot of the mother page The Stylennovator. The team stands for the helping hands who assist me on set on a project basis, hence the Stylennovator and team.

How did it all start for you?

When I moved from Los Angeles to Ghana I wanted to work in the nascent creative industry. I thought it would be the perfect time, considering I had years of experience from working in the fashion industry overseas. I wanted to be an image and style consultant for brands and individuals. I had people constantly complimenting me on my personal style and on pictures they saw of me on instagram. I wanted to be taken seriously for my work not for what I looked like so I created a separate instagram account to highlight my work and show brands and potential clients what I was capable of rather than it being about me and that is how the Stylennovator Team was born.

How exactly do you work? Do you have people on your team who design and sew? Or you just give the style advice and link clients to people who can actually do what they want? What is the whole work process like?

Think of me as a style therapist. The style therapy process involves a myriad of things.  But in a nutshell, a client comes to me with an issue and I figure out the best way to resolve that issue by getting to know the client, asking questions to see what direction the client wants their brand to go in and what the ultimate vision is for their brand. I essentially help you explore your style identity so that you can express yourself fully through your style.

So how did you start working with Cina Soul?

It was serendipitous. When I came from the U.S, Sony, a director friend of mine urged me to listen to her debut album ‘Metanoia’.  He knew I would like her. I fell in love with her voice and couldn’t wait to reach out to her to get things in motion. But then I run into a lady at a wedding who complimented my style and she told me she thought I’d be a great stylist for her sister. I had no idea who her sister was but I gave her my info. Then Cina reached out to me and that’s when I connected the dots. When Cina messaged me we realized I had also tried to message her earlier for the exact same thing. You can say it was meant to be, haha!  Serendipity right?

Lmao!! Yes, I also think it was meant to be. From her caption, her clothes took just 24hrs to make. Can you tell us how that happened in details?

With award shows, glam squads usually have ample time to plan their client’s look for the red carpet, but with the Corona pandemic we weren’t sure if the VGMAs was going to take place or not so we didn’t have anything made for her prior. She received an invite on short notice which gave us only 24hrs to come up with a look. Cina knew she wasn’t interested in wearing a gown. She said, “Eny I want to wear a pantsuit with some waist definition” Cina knows I’m a sucker for menswear so her wanting to wear a suit was nothing short of excitement for me. So I quickly came up with a style that would compliment her body type and created a makeup and hair moodboard for Nafisa who hadn’t seen the outfit yet and she still killed it! Her suit was going to make a statement so it was all about creating that balance with hair and makeup for an effortless look.

I absolutely loved her outfit. It was different in a good, head turning way. Last question. Who are some of the other notable people you’ve worked with?

I mostly work with fashion brands in Ghana. In terms of celebrities, Cina is the only one I’ve worked with and she has been such a joy. She trusts my vision for her and always welcomes my style ideas no matter how simple or crazy they might be and I appreciate that about her so much!


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