Kilts? DIY Clothing? Suits? Get Caught Up With Ready Steady Slay Show Here


If you won’t go to YouTube, I’m bringing the YouTube to you😹😹.

We rolled out a fashion show about 2 months ago where we talk to various fashion heads about different things. We’ve spoken to modest style enthusiasts, we’ve spoke to a whole celebrity stylist and we even managed to secure an interview with Osebo, the Zara man.

Yes!! We are really doing things but you haven’t seen any of them yet. Today, I’m giving you no choice. You’ll watch them😹

1. Osebo, the Zara Man

This is the funniest interview yet. He is fun to talk to and he clearly knows his stuff. People on social media assume he doesn’t know anything about fashion or he’s doing the absolute most wearing skirts and dresses but he clearly knows what he’s doing. He is steadily breaking the norms on a daily basis and writing a name for himself in the Ghanaian fashion sands of time.

2. Karen Kane

Karen is a wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger. She opened my eyes to the reality of what it meant to be a “celebrity stylist”, a tag she doesn’t exactly like because of how one gets treated. You know how we complain about certain brands and how they want to pay us using “exposure”? Well, they used to do it to her too even though she’s their colleague but she wised up and started being more present and engaging with other people who aren’t celebs.

3. The Suit Guy

He has the most affordable suits in Ghana. With as low as GHS 400-500, you can get something for yourself. His shop is virtual; no physical shop so he dropped major gems on growing a business on social media. If this is something you’re doing or you want to do, this is a video you should watch.

4. Samira Rufai

Samira is a DIY queen and there’s nothing you can say to change that. We spoke extensively about how she gets her ideas, how she actually wears them with confidence so that no one can tell it’s a DIY and also how to generally grow your page as a content creator on Instagram.

5. Shiella Yakubu

Shiella is a modest style enthusiast. If you know these people, you know they’re really fashionable and creative with what they were. If you want to know how to layer clothes and not look bulky or look like there’s too much going on with you, look for modest style pages like hers.

We spoke extensively about modest fashion, the pros and cons and the perceptions about it.

6. Enyonam Hosi

She’s a certified sneaker lover. She styles everything of hers with sneakers including dresses. We spoke about how she affords them considering the fact that she’s a student and about her preferences.

Leave suggestions as to the people you want to see in the show in the comments section and we will definitely make it happen for you.


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