How To Colour Correct Your Foundation If It Isn’t Your Shade


Even if you’re a makeup whiz, there’s a good chance that you’ve bought a foundation or concealer which isn’t your shade at one point in your life.

Makeup can be a little tricky when it comes to shades especially when you’re like some of us who are always buying products only during sales. There’s no time to try them out.

You just ask whoever that’s handling the stand if the colour of foundation you’re holding will work for you and if they say it will, then you buy it and move on knowing very well that the person may or may not be an authority in makeup. They are probably the owner’s friends who decided to help out during the sales.

If you’ve fallen into this situation one too many times, then we’ve got help for you.

There are a number of products you can use to colour correct your foundation but we are focusing on the LA Girl PRO.color Foundation Mixing Pigment today.

You’ve probably seen them and you’re wondering why there are foundations in those odd colours; white, yellow, blue and orange.


If you’re fair and the foundation you have is darker than your skin tone, the white LA Girl PRO.color Foundation should be your go to. It lightens your foundation shade. If you have a brown or dark complexion, use the blue. This white will just make you look ashy.


The yellow colour shifts your foundation to a golden undertone. Perfect for foundations that are too pink or neutral.


This shifts your foundation to a warmer undertone. Perfect for foundations that are too golden or cool.


If you want a neutral undertone, blue is for you. If the foundation you have is too warm for you, the blue is what you should use.

These coloured foundations are very pigmented so if applying on the face, apply them separately from the main foundation you’re using. A little goes a long way so use something small and you’ll definitely see results.

You can watch this video to understand how they work even better.


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