EC To Begin Voter Register Exhibition Exercise – Here’s Why It’s Important

Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II registering for his voters ID card (image via MatthewOPrempah)

We are getting close to election day – it is exactly 87 days away.

The Electoral Commission is making sure that the register is valid and has accurate details before voting day comes.

That is why it is carrying out the Voter Register Exhibition Exercise.

Actually… the name of the exercise does not do justice to how important it is.

The exercise is extremely important because it gives you the chance to make any necessary corrections you want to make to the data that was captured when you registered to vote.

If your name was spelt wrong, your date of birth was wrong – anything that you want to change – you can do that during the exercise. Even if your photo did not come out right and you want another one taken – you can do that during this exercise.

You are also to confirm the details of the polling station where you would vote – because they want to regulate numbers sometimes where you registered is not the same place you would vote.

If you also think an unqualified person is on the register you can raise and objection and it will be addressed.

This exercise is very important and you have to make sure you go through with it – if for nothing at all – just to double check your data.

The exercise will take place from September 18 to September 25 and if you don’t want to visit any of the exhibition centers you can also check your details on the phone via SMS.

Just text your Voter ID Card Number to the short code 1422 to obtain your registration details. If you have to make a change to your data, you can request it at your exhibition centre.

Note that the change you are requesting will be effected at the District office of the Electoral Commission.

This is your time to make sure your Voter’s ID card has the correct information, don’t wait till election day or when you can’t use it for any official transaction because some of your details do not match.


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