6 Things Every Ghanaian Man Must Do When A Girl Sends Her Pictures

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Some men may not know this but, receiving pictures from a girl means you’ve reached a certain level.

The “maybe she likes me” level because girls don’t willingly send photos unless they think you’re special. Now if you ever got pictures from a girl and it just stopped, go through this checklist and see what you did or didn’t do.

Rule 1: Reply within 60 seconds to 3 minutes of receiving the photos 

When she sends you the pictures, don’t wait hours before you reply. It just kills the vibe. Do not let air pass top. Don’t open the message too and forget to reply… that one is just unforgivable!

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Rule 2: Find no fault

She didn’t send you the photos to critique. If you don’t like what she’s wearing for your own personal reasons, keep it to yourself. She’s feeling confident in it and that’s all that matters. Gas her up!

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Rule 3: Send multiple texts and exaggerate

You have to spam her with multiple texts. Don’t just say “you look good” or “you’re fine oo”, say all of that in different ways!

“Herh! Whan girl nie?” “You fine pass!” “You’re gorgeous” “How will I concentrate today with this on my phone?” “Look at this human being!”… you get the drift?

She knows you’re exaggerating but she loves it!

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Rule 4: Use emojis/memes/gifs

If you like to communicate with memes and gifs, abuse them! 

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Rule 5: Emojis

The approved emojis are the fire emoji 🔥 and the heart eyes emoji 😍. And don’t send them just once. They move in groups!

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Rule 6: Delete

When you’re done, you can delete the photos and maybe keep one. If it’s WhatsApp, you can just leave it and not add to your media because let’s be serious, no one has plenty space for other people’s photos.

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