“Relationship Tests” Some Men Take Women Through


It’s so odd that from childhood, it’s as if women are being groomed for marriage. We are taught to cook and clean because if you can’t, you aren’t marriage material and men won’t like you. We are basically taught to find our worth in whether or not we are desirable to the opposite sex.

Now that women are claiming possession of their lives and living as they deem fit and doing things as they please, a lot of people (including other women) are mad about it.

A number of “tests” have been asked on social media to see the reactions of women and to “determine” who is “marriage material” and those who aren’t (as if marriage is the ultimate goal in every woman’s life). Here are some of them.

1. Tests about food

Image of a meme from Twitter

“How much food can you prepare for your household if there is only GHS 50 available?” “In fact, can you cook as well as your husband’s mother does?”

Apparently, the more food you can prepare with the least amount of money, the greater your chances of getting married.

2. If you wake up to see your mother-in-law doing house chores, what will you do?

Apparently, this test is to determine how much you respect your partner’s mother. (Why aren’t the fathers ever involved with this? Why are they always involving their mothers?)

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