Mohplay Ghana: Your New Favourite Video Game Store and How They Are Making Ghana Better


Mohplay Ghana, a gaming store situated in Ghana, is the everyday gamer’s dream. Dominating the video game sector primarily, Mohplay Ghana, which, when translated from the local broken English dialect, means “let’s play”, has made its mark in our country, with the sole purpose of reviving gaming in Ghana particularly.

Starting off as an idea and almost suddenly becoming everybody’s favourite spot for getting video games and its accessories, Mohplay has successfully won over the hearts of Ghanaians all over the country, but what makes it stand out is not the fact that it is the embodiment of video games and its peripherals, but the exemplary mentality behind the brand and what how it aims to impact our country Ghana for the better.

Mohplay Ghana – Because We Love Games!

In all honesty, some businesses tend to operate with one sole aim of making a profit, but that is not the case with Mohplay Ghana. This brand believes that fun should not only be accessible to all who want to have a go at the hottest consoles and rock the most exclusive games.

Partnering with a plethora of charity organizations in Ghana, Mohplay is heavily active in the field of donating all manner of supplies to underprivileged and deprived individuals, so whenever a purchase is made or whenever earnings are obtained from the numerous gaming competitions they create, a percentage of the proceeds is donated to charities across the country. Now if that is not wholesome, I do not know what is.

For the people who are stumped when it comes to getting the console that best fits their nature, be it a PlayStation, Xbox or even a Nintendo, Mohplay Ghana has got you more than covered.

With their affordable prices for all things gaming, it is all for fun and fun for all exclusively at Mohplay Ghana. Visit and watch how your purchasing games can secure the future of so many people, and all in all, make Ghana that much better.


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