How To Tell Your Music Making Friends Their Song Isn’t Nice

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Having a friend or friends who are into music means you definitely get bombarded with links every day. Links to their new songs and most of the time, you are burdened with the task of telling them the song is fire…even if it’s not.

It’s easy to lie sometimes and just send the fire emoji every time they send the song but…how do you tell them the song isn’t nice?

This question on Twitter from @Lester_03 sparked a lot of responses and inasmuch as some are quite funny, there were a lot that made sense and can actually help you the next time you have to break your artiste friend’s heart.

Some think the best way is to blame the producers or anyone but the artiste.

or focus on the one thing that went well…

Some also think you should try to sell alternatives to them. Anything else that might not be music.

Others think it is just a terrible idea to say anything.

But…personally, these responses were really good

How do you usually tell your artiste friends they made a bad song?


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