“Fry Us, We Are Your Plantain” – The Latest Slang In Nigeria

Nigerians won’t cease to amaze me with the way they coin hilarious slangs. Like how can someone just sit and think of “Fry me, I’m your dodo or plantain?” why not “bless me, I’m your bank account” or “Recharge me, I’m your phone?” and the person one is hyping might just say “okay, send me your bank details or your phone number”.

Interesting right? But no! It’s some absurd or funny slangs many people prefer. But who am I to blame them. You know why? I say it too!.

So Read me, I’m your funny plug. Lol.

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Fry me… I’m your dodo/plantain is used to compliment someone who is looking cute, beautiful, handsome or even dripping with hotness. So instead of saying, “you look beautiful” just say fry me, I’m your dodo. But please do not say it to a Hausa man oo.

Some people use the following slangs as substitutes for “fry me… I’m your dodo”

1. Soak me… I’m your garri

2. Roast me, I’m your corn

3. Smoke me, I’m your fish

4. Use me… I’m your servant (this is somewhat absurd… I know right?)

Add the ones you’ve heard so far too!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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