Every Song On M.anifest’s Nowhere Cool Album Ranked… By A M.anifan

Manifest Nowhere Cool album
M.anifan, Poetic Dela ranks M.anifest's songs on Nowhere Cool album

Yesterday marked 4 years since M.anifest blessed us with his Nowhere Cool album (8th September 2016). This album has been accepted by most to be one of the best albums in GH. It’s always a part of true music heads’ Top 10 GH albums and honestly, we can confidently call it the album that made a lot of people become Manifans (fans of M.anifest)

Fast forward, years later, he hasn’t disappointed at all and in honour of his 4 year anniversary, I had one of his biggest fans, Poetic Dela rank the songs on the album from his not so favourite down to his number 1 all-time fave!

Trailer for Nowhere Cool

14 – Goodbye

Originally the last track on the album! Chills all over when I put this song on replay. It feels like the end of a classic movie, the end of a classic era. M.anifest recruited Nigerian sensation Brymo and he sure didn’t disappoint. Lyrics talk about pain he encounters in a journey of love and how at last he found peace and happiness. Brymo’s lyrics is the soul of the song “My face don’t smile no more
And my heart don’t love no more You turn around and say Goodbye”

13 – Simple Love

This one is more like Poetry to me plus a hook sang by the godmc himself. M.anifest paints a picture of the kind of love he would like to have which is a Simple Love! With lyrics like “ I fit to show you love all the time I no for wedge until valentine I
want a wife, not a concubine I got your back will you hold my spine.”
we sure have an idea of what kind of simple love M.anifest yearns for. This is another classic produced by Drvmroll.

12 – Nowhere Cool

This record is originally the first song on the album. The traditional feel in this song is top tier! The song sums up every ups & down in the game called life. The lyrics of the song which paints this perfect picture of the hustle accompanied with a catchy hook which goes like “Nowhere cool Nowhere nowhere Ebe true no be lie oh my paddy Ebe true no be lie oh’’. With a blend of traditional instrument & a plethora of enchanting vocals (which I suspect were from Dark Suburb & Cina Soul), this is no short of a classic. Production credits go to Drvmroll.

11 – Cupid Crooked Bow

This song dey give all sort of erotic feelings chale. The lyrics on the slow tailored beat produced by G-MO featuring South-African songstress Nomisupasta dey carry me go cloud 9. Lol. M.anifest proves his lyrical dexterity by employing the use of what I call “Silky metaphors” to paint a picture of how romantic he is. This is my favourite part of the song, “Sweet fornication on a golden mattress Midas touch when I caress her breast.”

The godMC, M.anifest unveils track list for Nowhere Cool Album
cover art for Manifest’s Nowhere Cool album

10 – Rich People Problems

Again, another title giving us a clue of what the theme of the song is actually about. Who is tired of the hustle already? Well, if you are then know you are not alone. The Kuvie produced song featuring Tumi dey tell we of how frustrating the hustle can be but also chale sika y3 d3! The bars the two rappers, laid on the beat made it suffocate. Lol. Bars like “Coffee is my cup of tea I go to Starbucks espresso shots happily The social ladder I’m climbing so steadily.”

9 – Sugar

Sugar is a reminder of the fact that money rules the world, even in the world of love. Lol. The slow tempo afrobeat melody produced by Jayso & features Nigerian Singer Brymo sends a message across that, money makes love sweet so go in for a partner who fits your pocket. They do this with lyrics like “Person wey get money e dey love Oya cut me the pay check mek we fuck.”

8 – Time No Dey

The title of this song speaks for itself. The Kuvie produced record features the sensational Worlasi. The song simply sends a reminder that time is the luxury we can’t afford so there’s no need to waste it. M.anifest delivers as usual; Worlasi brings the magic as well. This is another song you would easily nod your head to when you bump it. “you having doubts? E be your problem no be mine, so sort it out”.

7 – Ozymandias

Ozymandias is a poem (sonnet) written by English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. The poem reminds powerful people that their power is temporal. The godmc in Ozymandias collocates modern power figures like Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin and Idi Amin to re-iterate the main theme in the original poem by Percy Shelley and this is proof with lyrics like “I’m Van Gogh Victor, can you see I paint a picture? I’m Stalin tell the comrades I’m Roosevelt, of course, you felt I’m the new deal Idi Amin nah mean? Don’t care how your crew feel”. The song features Paapa & was produced by Yung Fly (Mike Kwasi).

6 – Hand dey go, Hand dey come

Here is another classic song on the album which was built around the idea of reciprocity, hence the title “Hand dey go, Hand dey come”. The song features Worlasi again. As usual, the godmc did his thing and Worlasi brought a genuine classical vibe to the song through the hook. Listening to the hook itself will make you grab the idea of the song easily. “Hand dey go, Hand dey come u chop morning-t make I chop for night” a lyric on the hook simply spells out the fact that, if I extend a helping hand to you, you should do same when I’m in need. Song was produced by Drvmroll.

5 – Damn You Rafiki

This is another song for the die-hards and when I say for die-hards I mean the true M.anifans who joined the family when it all began! Our listening ecstasy is over abused with bars here! When I say bars, a plethora of metaphors! I felt he needed to remind us of the fact that, Nowhere Cool for the rap game inside, but the bars dierrr he get am! The intro of the song itself contains wordplay “The u.n.i verse smiles on you and first I started my verse with wordplay, it works”. Now you see I wasn’t exaggerating. The hip-pop song was produced by Drvmroll once again.

4 – Invisible

A tale about how unfortunate people are in life and how we are quick to misjudge people instead of minding our own business, Lol. The song which has this groovy traditional Ghanaian sound with enchanting vocals in the background & on the hook as well. As usual, the godmc didn’t play with his wordplay. He amazed us again by actually telling a tale of a young lady at East Legon trying to sell her body to him but he refused (You and I were not there) with lyrics like “I was out one night for relaxation Young lady flagging me down at hesitation”. The song is a classic and once again it was produced by Drvmroll.

3 – Palmwine & Whisky

Grab some palmwine & whisky because it’s party time! M.anifest once again proved to us that, no matter how the beat dey his pen game go bang am simple. And also, when it comes to the selection of features to make magic he is a Pro! The song which features rapper Dex Kwasi and was produced by Dex Kwasi himself is a combination of good vibes from the groovy beat, good wordplay like
“Good Jesus dem dey want cross me, cover up my drink so they can’t pull a Cosby” by M.anifest himself & a catchy hook by Dex Kwasi (International Dex). Your taste for music must be bad if you don’t feel something after bumping to this record.

2 – Now Here Cool

Originally track number 13 on the NoWhere Cool album features up & coming music sensation Cina Soul & Renowned Writer and Author Ama Ataa Aidoo. The song serves as a reminder of the fact that there is Nowhere Cool in this game called life which we have a chance to play. The classic which is another drvmroll produced record on the album contains thought-provoking lyrics like “If you dey go have a dance with destiny better put your best foot forward” which shows us the road map on how to be a better player in life.

1 – B.E.A.R

B.E.A.R which is an acronym for Best Ever African Rapper gives chills to every rap head even before they bump the tune. The godmc exhibits his lyrical dexterity in the Hip-pop flavoured Afro-beat song. The drvmroll produced record became an ingredient needed for a classic show opener. M.anifans who have been present at most shows the godmc performed can attest to the fact that this record was fit for every entry on to the stage by M.anifest. I guess I could not have found a better song for my intro than this!
Now let the sea part!

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source: Poetic Dela for kuulpeeps.com

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