The Entrepreneur’s Corner: Own Your Niche To Be A Standout Business

Photograph Of Kwaku Boateng Akuoko , CEO Of Brommon Bespoke Via Instagram

Kwaku Boateng Akuoko is the Founder, Creative Director and CEO of Brommon Bespoke. Brommon is a luxury custom-made brand that offers high quality suits, jackets, trousers and shirts. Today on The Entrepreneur’s Corner, we take some guidance from Kwaku, on becoming successful by capitalizing on your niche.

You’ve Heard It Before, But Branding Is Important!

When you’re starting a business, one of the most basic things that you have to think about is what your business is going to be called. You want a name that people will remember; a name that people will want to say. For Kwaku Boateng Akuoko, finding the right name for his business was an important part of the founding process. He had to think brand first. And so, he wanted a name that would just catch you when you hear it. So he played with words a bit and came up with Brommon. And the name does exactly what it’s supposed to: it grabs your attention.

In addition to the name, there was also a lot of marketing prior to the launch of the business to get the name out. And on the actual launch, Brommon brought out some celebrities like Bola Ray and Stephen Appiah to create that image of a luxury brand. Now obviously, when you’re starting a business, you might not have access to the same kind of resources. However, you need to make sure that whatever you want your brand to be perceived as, that you create that impression with the resources that you have access to.

Businesses Are A People First Endeavor

When Kwaku started out his business, he had trouble getting people to buy his suits. In the beginning, it was difficult to convince people to buy. But then again, a luxury custom-made bespoke brand is not going to appeal to everyone just because of the price point. Your business’ product should be targeted at who it’s made for.

Nowadays, when someone walks into Brommon, Kwaku talks to them. Through that conversation, he finds out their personality. And he’s better able to cater to their tastes because he knows if they prefer more conservative pieces or suits that are more on the daring side.

At Brommon, you’re not just buying a suit, you’re also buying an experience.

Leaning Into Your Niche

Like I said, at Brommon, getting a suit is its own experience. That is one of the ways that Kwaku’s company takes advantage of the luxury niche. If you’re selling accessibility, make sure that you emphasize that every step of the way. Brommon sells luxury, and it is emphasized from the very first moment that you take a step into their shop.

For Brommon, fully embracing the luxury niche means that Kwaku doesn’t compromise on quality at any step of the process. Brommon suits are made in Italy. And another selling point is that there are no two identical suits. In fact, when a customer comes in to get a suit made, they decide everything from the fabric to be used, the buttons, the lapels and even the engravings on the suit.

Not everyone is going to be able to walk into Brommon and get a suit made, but the important thing is that the brand speaks to those for whom it was made, and it keeps them. Brommon Bespoke is successful because Kwaku Boateng Akuoko has established deeply in its niche market.

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Source: Berla Mundi interviews CEO of BROMMON Bespoke; Kwaku Boateng Akuoko

(YouTube: Berla Addardey).



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