President Mahama To Abolish Medical Exam Charge Of Rape Victims

Victim of abuse

One of the challenge in securing justice after a sexual assault incident is the victim being required to pay for medical exam.

When victims of sexual assault such as rape file their complaints with the Ghana Police Service, they are required to submit to a medical exam. This medical exam is needed for the police to continue their investigations.

However, most of the victims have had to stop the fight for justice because they are charged up to GHS 800 for the medical exam.

This means a lot of rape cases are either not reported or not pursued when the victim cannot raise the funds.

To resolve this, President John Mahama has promised to abolish medical charges for sexual assault victims.

This means the victims will receive free medical care which will secure justice for them.

What do you think about this promise?

This is exactly what actress Ama K Abrebrese has ben fighting for.


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