7 Things You Should Avoid Using On Your Face


Skincare can be a struggle especially when your skin feels terrible and you keep trying different things so it gets better. New “hacks” come out day in and day out promising the clearest of skins and also a pimple free one but truly, you don’t have to hop on every single one otherwise you’ll hurt your skin.

Here are 7 things you should stop using on your face.

1. Sugar

Image of a sugar scrub via misswish.com

A loooot of DIY scrubs involve the use of sugar and honey but you’re just causing micro tears on your skin. It’s best to avoid it.

2. Face wipes

Image of face wipes via allure.com

Used daily, makeup remover wipes can actually cause friction and even tear the skin. Plus, since they’re dampened, a lot of alcohol and preservatives are required to keep the wipes from molding (gross, but true) — neither of which are great for sensitive skin. (Source: healthline.com)

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