Videos And Audios On Twitter Will Soon Have Automatic Captions

Videos And Audios On Twitter Will Soon Have Automatic Captions

Twitter is trying to make the social network a little more accessible. After the introduction of audios or voice tweets, which at the moment still do not reach all users (only iOS), the company has announced the creation of two new teams focused on the accessibility of the platform.

But while those teams are assembling, Twitter is already working on adding automatic subtitles for audio and video shared via social network, and we should see them arrive as early 2021.

It is a function that will undoubtedly improve the user experience in a generalized way, not having to open each tweet individually to listen to the audio, but rather We can see subtitles directly in the timeline when we pass over a tweet with video or sound without having to listen to anything.

Twitter explains that this new feature is an extension of what voice tweets were, who were in fact the inspiration to create their new “Center for Accessibility and Excellence”, and the new team of the Accessibility Experience.

Both teams will be responsible for improving accessibility throughout the company, from its products, to its offices, policies, marketing, communications and strategies.

We have partnered with external groups and in the coming months we will collect the opinions of people with disabilities through interviews, surveys and remote usability studies of new prototypes. While this is taking place, we will continue to test the functions related to multimedia content. We know we need to do more to make our service accessible and we will.


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