The Top 5 Songs On Nasty C’s Zuluman With Some Power Album

Nasty C Zuluman
Nasty C Album cover art for ZULUMAN WITH SOME POWER

I’m a huge fan of Nasty C and it took me a while to work on this because the guy can do no wrong in my eyes and every song is my jaaam!!

I have seen a few negative reviews on the album which he dropped on 28th August but…i really think they are wrong. This is a 10/10 project for me!

There were just a few things i didn’t like but that’s just based on my preference. For instance, Bookoo Bucks is my jam but Lil Keed’s verse almost ruined it for me. T.I also talked too much on All In.

But… i just want to say, braggy Nasty C on every single track gives me life!!!! Let them knooow!

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Just know that i have changed this list a hundred times because i am just so hurt i couldn’t add some songs to my list. I just didn’t know where to rank them cos it all seemed so unfair!

#5 – They Don’t

They Don’t was one of the songs that was released way before the album dropped. They Don’t was released at the time all of social media and the whole world seemed to be enraged at the same time about the racial profiling and police brutality in America. He had T.I on the song and I’m not surprised the two have two songs together on the album because they compliment each other so well on a song. Joint EP sometime please?

#4 – Sad Boys

This song is such a special song. It puts me in my feelings. I can’t tell if the song was made for someone or he’s just singing in a perspective that comes from his ‘Old self’. Whatever he was worked. Sad Boys is such a well written song. The emotions he let into the song and the message in it will make you shed a few tears.

#3 – Palm Trees

I looove Palm Trees and Nasty C’s flow on this was just mindblowing awesome for me! The song which came with a video he released before the album drop is what I have my reservations on. The video was awesome but I felt Nasty C should have given us more energy. All that bragging about wealth and he just seemed too calm for me.

#2 – Feeling

I totally love this song. It’s the laidback way he just throws around his verses, rapping like it’s a freestyle or conversational setting. I loved the message as well, getting into his head about his life right now and what he thinks about life basically. It’s just a bunch of advice thrown down for us in an amazing production and lyrics. Top song!

#1 Eazy

Eazy makes me feel like a blanket is being wrapped around me and someone’s whispering to me that i am going to be okay. The song sounds so reassuring. It feels like you are having a conversation and even though he’s telling you he’s rich now, you get to understand how he got to it. It’s a motivational song for me and i love that he was able to convey that feeling in the A1 production and delivery without outright saying “ASPIRE TO PERSPIRE” like it’s a motivation seminar.

This song can play every single minute of the day for a month and i won’t get tired of it.


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