The Samsung Galaxy Beans And How It Has Changed The Wireless Earbud Game.


Hold your horses, fellow gari and beans lovers! Samsung hasn’t come out with a copy of your favourite dish, but instead, it came out with a quite uniquely shaped pair of earbuds that look exactly like…well, beans.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live (very long name, so Galaxy Beans is what we call it) released on August 6, have indeed done an amazing job at changing the way you relate with any pair of earbuds.

You might want to throw your Air Pods away because they’re that good.

Samsung Galaxy Beans leak, look to beat AirPods with unique features -  SlashGear

Packing a whopping 472mAh battery in the case (that’s enough charging to last you almost 2 days), a 12mm speaker with 2 outer and one inner microphones for clear calls, active noise cancellation to block out the negativity in your life and a Voice PickUp Unit to make your voice sound super clear, the bad boys are packed with all new features built into a unique, ergonomic shape to fit comfortably in your eyes.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Bean Earbuds Rumoured, Said to Feature Active Noise  Cancellation: Reports | Technology News

Even though the case is bulky, the power it carries is insane, almost enough for to last a long while.

Plus the addition of that eye-catching Mystic Bronze colour, you’re surely going to turn some heads when you rock these, and it is absolutely worth the buy.


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