How To Follow Election News Update While Staying Busy (School/Work)

How To Follow Election News Update While Staying Busy (School/Work)

December 7 is 3 months away and we all can’t follow the news due to the busy schedules we have. However that doesn’t stop us from getting all the information we need to equip us ahead of the election.

Some of the election news can be confusing and it will take a journalist to further explain the technicalities behind a particular occurance.

When you’re busy studying for exams and maybe working, it’s hard to find time to even scroll through Instagram and Twitter, let alone keep up with the news. Today’s news industry moves faster than ever, with breaking updates on stories happening nearly every second.

From email newsletters, to radio discussions and even social media accounts, you can still stay informed, even if you feel like you don’t have a second to spare.

1. Listen to Radio discussions

One way to get the news is through radio discussions. Listening to Citi Fm’s Breakfast show #CitiCBS the reporters always talk to experts about more than one breaking story. To get the information right from the start you can usually listen to it while you are getting ready for class or even work, you can also listen to it while you’re warming up at the gym. These discussions give in-depth analysis of current situations and how the authorities are handling such situations.

2. Follow credible News outlets On Social Media

Although social media shouldn’t be your only source of accurate and credible news, it’s a good place to start. Some news outlets in Ghana are fueled by partisan politics or party propaganda. Some Of the Private news outlets are owned by Party financiers who use their platform to propagate information that are one sided. Of course, it’s always important to be aware of biases present in any publication that you read. It only takes a few seconds to read, and, let’s be honest, you’re already scrolling through your feed anyways.

3. Follow Journalist on Twitter

Ghanaian journalists are usually bashed for having an opinion but this shouldn’t deter you from following them. Like with Instagram, almost every major news outlet is on Twitter. But to avoid overloading your feed with the same news stories, try following individual journalists instead. A lot of the time they provide more context to stories and add in their own personal opinions, which is helpful in deciphering what everything means.

But, what if you don’t have any journalists to follow? A great way to find journalists is to pay attention to who’s covering the stories you care about. You can also follow individuals who give in-depth explanations into a particular political topic without being bias.

4. Turn On Post Notifications For Major news Outlets

We tend to miss the news when the major news outlets are breaking them. One way to get the news as it’s breaking is to subscribe or turn on the post notifications of your News outlet of your choice. This helps you focus on what you are doing whiles getting the information you need to equip yourselves ahead of the upcoming elections.

5. Make Use Of News Apps

This is one tip which is more useful to everyone. Make good use of News Apps. Currently, news app such as Feedily and Flipboard are very useful to help you get the particular information or news without scrolling through a lot of information. Flipboard creates a new type of reading experience on mobile and is focused on engaging the reader with the most exciting stories of the day using a magazine-style aesthetic

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