Here Is How To Transfer Your Vote Before Election

Voting In Ghana

If you have been a resident for at least two months in a constituency other than the one in which you originally registered, you may apply to the district electoral officer of your new constituency or to the Commission (by filling a form designed for the purpose) for your name to be transferred from your original polling station to a polling station in your new area of residence so that you can vote there on election day.

Please take note of the following:

-Your application must be received 42 days before the day set for the election in order for the necessary arrangements to be completed.

-You must have lived in your new place for at least two months. Once your name has been transferred, you can only vote at your newly assigned station; NOT at your original station.

-Your name will continue to be on the register of your original station until the register is replaced. Before then, you have to apply to transfer your vote at every election.


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