Here Are 6 Things You Don’t Have To Do During Election Day

A Ghanaian Voter

The Elections are in 3 months and you don’t want to get caught doing the wrong things during the Election day. It’s been 4 years since the last election and there has been an increase in new voters for this years election. Some are new to the voting process, this article is set out to explain to all the new voters on the things they are not suppose to do during the Election.

The Last Election was free from violence even though there were some scuffles here and there. To prevent this from happening this year, the article will educate you on what not to bring to the Election grounds, what not to wear and what to do right after voting.

Here Are 5 Things You Don’t Have To Do During Election Day

1. Do not Wear Party Colours to the Election ground.

2. Do not cause any political argument when queuing to vote.

3. Do not Campaign on the Election day.

4. Do not Bribe anyone to vote for your Political Party.

5. Avoid Impersonation

6. Do not engage in multiple voting

Source: Kuulpeeps

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