Former President Mahama Promises To Expand Professional Legal Education

Ghanaian Lawyers

Legal education is one of the most sought after yet difficult to attain in the country.

The journey is to first secure a first degree Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from any of the law faculties in the country.

After graduation, all students must sit an entrance exam at the Ghana Law School at Makola and hope to gain admission.

Only the few who get admitted to what is commonly referred to as Makola have the hopes of graduating and practicing law in the country.

Basically, if you don’t graduate from Makola, you can’t call yourself a lawyer.

This means that every year, there is a contest between students and admission officers at Makola.

Last year, the students took to the streets after only 128 out of over one thousand students who sat for the Makola entrance exams passed.

Now, former President Mahama has promised to expand professional legal education in the country.

He is going to do this by giving accreditation certificates to selected law faculties in the country. This means the Makola monopoly on professional legal education will be broken.

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