Electoral Commission To Exhibit Provisional Voters’ Register From September 18

An Electoral Commission Official verifying a voter (image: Peter Lewenstein/BBC)

The Electoral Commission will from Friday 18th to Friday 25th September 2020, exhibit the 2020 provisional voters’ register.

The register has over 16.9 million voters with over 30,000 voters delineated onto an exception list.

It is, however, still not clear how many registrations have been successfully challenged.

The 8-day exercise will thus afford registered voters the opportunity to match their details against what has been captured in the register and to confirm the registrations.

The Commission has also availed a mobile service through which registered voters can equally check and confirm their registration.

Voters using this service are to send their voter ID Numbers to the shortcode 1422 for their details, but can only effect corrections where necessary at the EC’s respective district offices.

The Commission ahead of the exhibition says the full COVID-19 protocols will be observed at all exhibition centres and voters visiting the centres must all wear nose masks.

source: CNR

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