Challenges Women Face That Men Won’t Understand


If we are all being honest with ourselves, being a woman is one of the most tiring things on earth. You’ve not done anything yet but just the mere fact that you’re a woman comes with a lot of stress.

There are a number of things we do normally on a daily basis which seems like a no brainer but we actually gathered all the energy within us to do what we did.

Here are some struggles men will never understand.

1. Doing anything on your period

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In fact, it’s the whole month. We always have something going on within us. People have complained even about ovulation pain and how they sometimes feel it in their ass (excuse my French). The excessively horniness you feel and last but definitely not least, period pains.

A number of guys (and even ladies who are lucky enough not to experience this) think we exaggerate but I can’t even blame them. If they felt anything remotely as close to what we feel in their balls or penis they wouldn’t be talking.

Having to deal with period pains when having to study or writing exams or going to work is a whole type of struggle especially when you feel like your insides are being shredded into tiny pieces. We are true superheroes.

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