All The Things UEW Students Miss About School

Entrance to The University of Education, Winneba (UEW)

Basically, going to school is not something we all want but frankly speaking we know school is fun except a few tedious projects, assignments and group studies finally the boring midnight mining.

Even though we go through all these stress there is some stuff we can’t literally forget on campus, sincerely we miss those happy moments.

Firstly let say we miss the halls, departmental and SRC week celebration that would have been fire because we were all preparing for that, from the carwash, face painting and street carnival and the biggest artists night, it’s very heartbreaking we couldn’t enjoy our SRC week to the end.

So, we can admit that no matter how boring it’s to attend lectures, we miss those times we will have to dress up looking all fly just to go to lectures and show our course mates we too we dey the system inside, all those memories are unforgettable

We miss all those times we spend at the beach during weekends, we just go there with our squad, love ones or let say partners to have fun, chill and release some stress. It was always beautiful in those golden beach sand at Winneba.

We can all agree that we miss those times in school when we hear Mid-sem is just two days away and you know u haven’t really digested anything from the beginning of the semester, we can say those moments were pretty scary but definitely we miss them because they always got us back on track to Know the reason why we are in school.

We miss those power and morale nights from the Spartans, Trojans and the Garvians especially on Friday night I tell you those Jama nights were electrifying it’s amazing how corona has made us realise school wasn’t really boring after all.

We cant talk about Winneba, without including the mega ‘Chillout’ on campus, Kings and Queens. This is like the last killer of every weekend your weekend is not fully complete in Winneba when u haven’t step foot in Kings, Charley we miss all the party, fun and hangout

Deep down our hearts we all know we don’t miss reading our PDFs and handouts, low-key these are the stuff we really miss on campus.


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