8 Of The Biggest Scams In Ghana Right Now

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Scammers can be anyone and in Ghana, these scammers are you, me, our parents…EVERYONE!

You shock erh? Just wait.

These are some scams we are used to. We know they are scams but we still fall for them every single time and sometimes, we do same.

“I’m on my way”/ “I’m almost there”

Lol no one is ever really on their way. They’re either just leaving their house or eating before they leave or getting dressed and if someone says they are “almost there”, know that you are going to wait 30 more minutes. There’s a reason Ghana Man Time exists.

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All the grownups who didn’t warn us about adulting…shame on you!!! The reality of being an adult just creeps up on you. One day you’re just there and it hits you that all the plenty suffering is just adulting kicking you in the nuts but as young kids, adults made it seem that being an adult was the ultimate ticket to freedom. The real freedom is in being a child.

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The source of many rich men’s wealth

Every wealthy man has a struggle story and it is always about getting to where they are because of the pure water they sold in the street. 20p pure water. Let’s pretend they aren’t just messing around with us and applaud their hard work and dedication.

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“Do you know who I am?”

80% of the time, you don’t know who they are. 90% of the time, the person saying it knows you don’t know who they are. 100% of it all, the people saying it are just doing that to intimidate you. All bark, no bite.

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Delivery Prices

Let’s pretend we don’t know how ridiculous most people sound when they mention delivery prices. Sometimes a GHc5 Uber ride makes sense more than that GHc25 delivery fee. It’s food you are trying to buy…you no kill person.

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The air in the fanice sellers meatpie

Calling it meatpie when you know very well that it’s mframa (air) pie!

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Event start time

Most annoying scam. Events state 4pm on the flier and end up starting at 6pm. If you kill yourself to get there early, you might as well help them set up.

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“Go and wear your shoe and come”

A scam that is also a rite of passage every Ghanaian went through as a child. No child ever went to wear their shoe and came back to see their mummy waiting for them.

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