From The Security Post To The Banking Hall: Idris’ One Week Miracle

Ayomide Babalola and Idris. Photo credit: Ayomide Babalola

Idris has been working for years as a security officer at a bank in Nigeria.

However, he never wanted to remain at the security post for the rest of his life.

He had his eyes set for a role in the banking hall but he needed the academic qualifications for that.

It was in 2015 when Idris’ God sent angel started working in his branch.

Ayomide Babalola was the open door kind of boss, so it was easy for Idris to walk up to him and start a conversation.

“Oga, I have an OND certificate and I am almost through with my University degree program(Part-Time),” Idris told Ayomide one day at his office.

The OND certificate is called Ordinary National Diploma in full. In Nigeria, this is a step below an HND in Ghana but higher the WASSCE.

“Wow, I was amazed but happy for him and encouraged him,” Ayomide wrote on Facebook.

Four years after their initial conversation, there was a vacancy in the branch in December 2019 as one of the staff members had gained a promotion.

“Idris came to me and told me he was qualified and interested in the ‘would be vacant position’,” Ayomide said.

Ayomide obliged and he contacted the department that was recruiting for the vacancy. They scheduled an interview and an aptitude test and Idris passed all of them.

Having worked at the bank for several years manning the security post, he now had an offer to work inside the banking hall as part of the official banking staff.

Ayomide and Idris took two sets of photos that documented Idris’ last day as a security guard and his first day as a fully integrated staff of the bank – his one-week miracle.

Preparing for success!!!


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