Drake Enjoy Pasta Out Of Spotify Plaque For 1 Billion “In My Feelings” Streams


To celebrate “In My Feelings” off of Scorpion being streamed over 1 billion times, Spotify recently sent Drake a large plaque honoring the monumental achievement.

Taking to Instagram, the Canadian artist showed off his new plaque and the interesting way he chose to induct it into his growing collection of awards. Drake decided to sit down at his kitchen island to enjoy an unctuous portion of what looks to be spaghetti bolognese out of the silver-tone Spotify logo in the plaque.

Drake’s interesting decision to eat out of his plaque is actually in reference to when he ate out of his Grammy. Back in 2013, Drake enjoyed a drink out of his Best Rap Album Grammy for Take Care. After taking a couple of swigs of the Grammy, Drake proceeded to offer shots to his whole team in an OVO video.

Watch Drake enjoy pasta out of his Spotify plaque for 1 billion “In My Feelings” streams.

Source: Hypebeast

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