Criss Waddle Dragged To Court Over Posts From A Stan Account

Criss Waddle
Criss Waddle

There is one sure way to verify that a celebrity account you’re following on Social Media actually belongs to that celebrity.

You look out for the blue tick – which means that the account has been verified and it belongs to the person it claims to represent.

In the absence of a verified account there are others ways to make sure the account is legit.

To do that you’d have to comb through a number of accounts, many of which are stan accounts or even catfish accounts that might be used to dupe unsuspecting social media users.

Now Criss Waddle, who has verified accounts, is finding out that those fan accounts can put you in trouble.

The musician and business leader tweeted that he has been subpoenaed to appear in front of a judge based on actions of a possible stan account.

“If my page is verified and a none verified page does something, why should I be the one to be subpoenaed?” he asked.

Criss did not share details about the case and when his presence has been demanded in court.

Ghanaian law legal system is definitely playing catchup with the rapidly changing landscape of the virtual world we find ourselves in.


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