Meet The Chief Magician And CEO Of iSupreme—Clinton Nyarkoh

Photograph Of Clinton Nyarkoh

iSupreme, is a company that is still fairly young, much like its founder himself, Clinton Nyarkoh. However, the youthful service company is one that is making waves nonetheless. Clinton graduated from the University of Ghana just last year (2019), but by that time, the foundations that would make iSupreme a successful company were already being put into place.

Clinton tells us the struggles of being a start-up founder at the age of 22 and about the things that you naturally have to give up for the dream. Then there’s also the other side of that side of that equation: being successful at the thing that you’ve chosen for yourself.

For Clinton, the founding journey of iSupreme Company Limited started in high school. Meet the Chief Magician.

See. Be Inspired. Create.

Clinton awarded Entrepreneurial Spirit Award at the University of Ghana SRC Excellence Awards 2019

When Clinton was still in high school, he went through magazines for other senior high schools. And frankly speaking, even looking through those things now, you can tell how well made they are. Clinton was inspired to create something similar for his school and … long story short, he became the Editor-in-Chief for the school’s magazine. Looking back on the road to—well here, that was one of the more significant events in the company’s unofficial history. At the school magazine, Clinton would meet four people who would become instrumental to iSupreme Company Limited.

Another significant thing that happened while Clinton was still in high school was an event organized in the school. Some university students had had the idea for a high school event, and they had made it happen. Through conversation, Clinton realized that although it was work, the event organizing space could be—fun. So, that became the idea; create events and then make a magazine structured around those events and the talents discovered through them.


iSupreme during Dare2Start Entrepreneurship Competition at University of Ghana

It took a while, and a few of his friends constantly asking, “When are you starting?” for Clinton to get started on his first event. He planned it to be something along the lines of the Face of JHS. And then, it was time to get to work. Clinton picked up the graphic design skills he needed and started putting together the visual marketing pieces himself. He even created the Logo for the event. Clinton also went around to various companies and other stakeholders trying to get sponsorships for the event. He had worked on all the paperwork and documentation himself, he had thought things through and he was putting in the work. Then, with impeccable timing, his laptop got stolen.

If you’ve never lost a laptop, then you don’t truly realize the scope of what is stolen. For Clinton, that was all the work he had put into his event. His documentation. His graphic design pieces. The motivation to create his first event. Around that time as well, Clinton’s mother spoke to him about his dreams. He had just started the university, and she wanted him to focus on school. The business stuff, she felt could come, but it wasn’t the best time.

After that Clinton relaxed a bit into his life as a student.

Supremacy And The Birth Of iSupreme.

Photograph Of Clinton Nyarkoh

In his second year of university, Clinton found the motivation to give the event thing another shot. Supremacy, Clinton’s first event, was a club event that ended up being very successful. In fact, there was a big windfall from the event that Clinton may not have seen coming. People recognized them now, people wanted Clinton to do publicity for them, and other event houses wanted to work with the team. Naturally, they organized another event. And then another. And then another, until Clinton had lost sight of the other side of the business idea that he had had originally: the magazine.

The event organizing space was successful. However, it didn’t just launch an event company, it also launched a brand. And after a while, people began to catch on to how well-handled that brand was. Soon, other businesses wanted their brands handled by iSupreme. Clinton realized that there were a lot of companies who couldn’t afford the services of bigger marketing agencies. So, building other companies’ brands became a business that the company did aside event organizing.

Today though, the start-up has positioned itself as firstly, a marketing agency that helps emerging businesses and start-ups to create brands that matter. As for events, iSupreme Company Limited now just sticks to industry events and events that are part of campaigns being run for clients.

The Challenges Of Being The Chief Magician.

Photograph of section of the team at iSupreme

Every Level Of Growth Comes With Its OWn Level Of Difficulty.

—Clinton Nyarkoh.

Being a young start-up CEO does come with it’s challenges. In fact, according to Clinton, people tend to think that his life is boring. And it does affect his relationships somewhat. But for Clinton, there’s a timeline set for himself, and he works hard to meet the goals that he sets. He’s his own biggest motivator. And obviously, he’s gotten thing or two right.



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