Meet Nafisa; The Talented MUA Behind Cina Soul’s Killi Mi Music Video


If you’re a true Cina Soul fan, you would realise that she has one particular makeup artist who manages to make her stand out no matter what; even if the look is very subtle. She is also the makeup artist who did the special effects makeup for the Killi Mi video which won the Best Video Of The Year at this year’s VGMA.

Image via @cina_soul on Instagram

With her full name being Nafisa Abdul Aziz and her brand name Naphsie (naphsie_mua on Instagram), she is a youthful and vibrant lady in her 20’s who strives at attaining perfection when it comes to her works. She is the Product of the Business department in Accra Girl’s Senior High School.

Image of Nafisa Abdul Aziz via @naphsie_mua on Instagram

Makeup was always a natural talent she couldn’t compress anymore and in the year 2015, she started working earnestly towards developing it.

Her journey with Cina Soul began on the set of a Sky Girls shoot as she was the assistant makeup artiste. The main makeup artist couldn’t make it and she ended up giving Cina Soul a subtle look. That makeup look on Cina introduced her as a good makeup artiste to her and it started their journey together.

Image of Cina Soul with her subtle makeup done by Nafisa

In Nafisa’s own words, “Working with Cina Soul has been nothing short of a blessing”.

In achieving Cina Soul’s VGMA look, she gave a rather subtle look for the makeup and a big fro pony. The whole look came about because Cina’s stylist, Eny, suggested they went for that look to compliment the dress she (Nafisa) hadn’t seen yet.

Image of Cina Soul at the 2020 VGMAs

She was filled with excitement when she was asked to be the make up artiste for the Killi Mi visuals. Since she is multitasking in the makeup field (Editorial looks, subtle glam, bridal makeup and even special effect amongst others), she managed to pull off the challenging task of achieving the special effects for the video.

Image of a scene from the Killi Mi video via @geneadu on Instagram

Apart from Cina Soul, she has worked with notable people like Emelia Brobey, Sefa, Moesha Boduong, Adina, Efya Nokturnal and the late Ebony Reigns amongst others. She has worked with men on sets as well but it’s usually just soft touches using makeup powder.


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