How A National Service Group Funded A Building For An Orphanage

The 2017/2018 National Service Group of the CAL Bank put up a five-bedroom apartment for the Royal Seed Orphanage at Kwao-Bondzie in the Central Region

Every year, Ghanaian students who graduate from accredited tertiary institutions in the country are required under law to undertake a mandatory national service to the country.

The students are posted to private and public institutions across the country to undertake their national service.

The Management of the National Service Scheme, on August 31, 2020, released the postings of 86,478 eligible service persons for the 2020/2021 service year.

The NSS postings generated a lot of conversation on social media, as past service persons shared their national service experiences, while the new service persons expressed their excitement and disappointed over the places they were posted to.

Amid all the talk of ‘NSS’, Donaldson Adu Gyamfi shared an interesting tweet that gained applauds and praise from tweeps.

According to Donaldson, he led his 2017/2018 national service group of CAL Bank to contribute towards the construction of a 5-bedroom apartment for the Royal Seed Orphanage at Kwao-Bondzie in the Central Region.

Donaldson also indicated that the service group was made up of about 125 persons and each of them contributed an amount of GHC30 of their allowance every month to fund the project.

“I am proud to have led my Year Group in constructing this 5 bedroom apartment for the Royal Seed Orphanage at Kwao Bondzie with contributions from our NSS monthly Allowance… we contributed GHC30 each every month for 11 months and the Bank supported us,” said in his tweet.

Donaldson Adu Gyamfi is the leader of the group

Donaldson also stated that the building project cost about GHC60,000.

In an interview with TV3, Donaldson explained why they decided to embark on the project:

“When we came here for the first time, the disabled children at this orphanage were sleeping on a wooden structure, the rest of the children had no place to sleep.”

He added: “It was very disturbing that’s why we decided to build this five-bedroom house for them as part of our service to God and our country.”

After funding the construction of the building, Donaldson and his group, still make donations to the orphanage.

He told that they donated about 8 iron bunk beds and 20 mattresses to the orphanage last year, and they hope to make more donations to the orphanage in the future.

Below is a photo of the building:

A 5-bedroom apartment built by the 2017/2018 National Service Group of the CAL Bank for the Royal Seed Orphanage

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