Fujifilm Introduces World’s First F/1.0 Mirrorless Lens

World's First F/1.0 Mirrorless Lens

Fujifilm has just released a new X-Mount lens that’s a winner in low light conditions the world’s first F/1.0 mirrorless lens. The Fujifilm XF 50mm F/1.0 mirrorless lens features 12 elements, a smooth 120-degree focusing ring, and is capable of shooting in 14 degree F temperatures in wet and sandy environments.

Nicknamed “The One” this is one chunky lens as its filter size alone is 77mm and it weighs 1.86 pounds. Heftiness aside, the lens is incredibly sharp and made for portrait shooting.

Those looking for a fast prime lens for their Fujifilm X-Mount camera can find the XF 50mm F/1.0 over at Fujifilm where it is selling for $1,500(GHS8,692.50).

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