Things Ghanaian Women With Smaller Boobs Will Understand


A number of women with smaller boobs feel embarrassed or feel less feminine than their average or full-busted friends but if having smaller boobs has taught me anything, it is the fact that we are free to do anything; run freely, dress any type of way without being seen as “provocative” and even just chill without bras.

Here are some things Ghanaians with smaller boobs will understand.

1. Being able to move around without a bra

It’s amazing how the size of boobs changes how people look at them. For us, people don’t even see that we aren’t wearing a bra for them to chastise us. Let someone with bigger boobs do that and the whole world will be thrown into chaos.

2. Every clothing is appropriate

We can wear those cut out dresses that show boobs. We can wear tube tops and dresses without feeling like we are spilling all our boobs for the world to see. Every clothing type is appropriate for us.

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