The Sexiest Beyonce Songs For Your Sex Playlist

Beyonce Partition
Beyonce via the YouTube video for Partition

It’s Friday and I know most of you naughty kids are going to be up to no good. Fridays are the perfect times to kick back and relax after all the stress from Monday to Thursday and for some of you, that includes wine.

Let’s not pretend we all don’t know wine makes us a little frisky and to get frisky, the best thing to do is the have the right music!!

Just because today is officially Beyonce Day, here are her sexiest songs to get down with. If you like kraa strip to some…they are perfect.


Watching the video alone in itself can be a turn on

Dance For You

This is definitely the sexiest song from Beyonce ever!!!

Drunk In Love

There’s a reason she sang this with her husband because herh!! What a song!!


The way the song starts saf is just enough. WHAT A SONG!!!

Don’t say we never do anything for you!


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