10 People Talk About The Worst Dates They’ve Been On


I couldn’t help but laugh at today’s submissions because, people have gone through a lot! Lmao!

For some, I’m not sure if they were in love or just blinded by lust but they allowed themselves to be walked all over by the people they went on the dates with.

Check some of the stories out.

1. Lucy, 23 years

We had gone on other dates prior to this one and everything was perfect. He was an absolute gentleman. This particular day he asked me if I had eaten when we met up and I answered in the affirmative. He then said he was hungry, he hadn’t eaten the whole day (it was around 4 or 5pm).

He drove us to an expensive restaurant and said “abi you said you’ve eaten?”. We got comfortable and he ordered food for himself. The food took a while to come and when it finally did he started eating whiles I was pressing my phone😹😹. I think he was looking at me with pity because he called the waiter and asked me to order a drink. So yeah! I basically sat there and watched him eat while I was on social media swallowing saliva.

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