Wipe Those Tears And Look At These 8 Benefits Of Doing Your NSS In That Unknown Rural Area

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National service starts in a couple of days and at this point, everyone knows exactly where they’ll be doing their service. Reposting isn’t your portion and you’re wondering how you’re going to survive in Nyankpanduru, far away in a region you never in your wildest dreams imagined you’d see, let alone work there.

Anytime someone asks you ”Where were you posted to’?’ you lie and say something about reposting lmao but you know you’re definitely going to that village/ tiny township.

We are here to give you vim

Actual work experience

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Unlike your friends boasting about doing their service in the large companies, you won’t be spending your time being the personal errand boy to anyone. You don’t have to spend your mornings holding up the waakye queue, buying the orders from your colleagues at work. Instead, you’d be doing hands-on work cos who are we kidding? the place you’ve been posted to is definitely understaffed and they cannot wait for you to get there so you get to work!

Budget-friendly Relationships

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You’d find out that dating is actually really easy in these parts. You wouldn’t have to go through the whole process of setting up dates at expensive restaurants, buying ridiculously expensive gifts and whatnot. It’s actually really simple getting a girl and ‘maintaining’ her. Ditch your current girl and get ready to date on a budget.

Free Food

You know how expensive it is getting food here in Accra? Guess what? Getting food is going to be so easy!! You may never have to take out money to buy food during your whole year at post. You may be lucky to get people assigned to feed you throughout your stay. Ah the plenty farms they have and all, guess who’d be getting foodstuff and livestock delivered fresh?!! That’s right. YOU!

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New Experience

Whether you like it or not, doing your service in a village or township far away from home is actually a good thing for you. You get to experience different cultures and you know what that does? Refer to your JHS social studies book for the list of benefits.


Notice how most NSS personnel are busy looking for a place to rent?  It’s actually pretty funny how they’d be expected to pay an amount more than half of the NSS pay you’d receive. Even funnier is, they will have to pay a year or a couple of months rent upfront before they get the room. lol but you on the other hand, will get very cheap accommodation in that far away place that’s seemingly tucked away from civilization. You may even get lucky with free accommodation. Maybe, just maybe, at this very moment, a room is being painted and cleaned up waiting for your arrival.

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The Next Dangote

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Okay that’s reaching but…seriously, after a whole year of service, you’d find yourself coming back home to Accra with a shitload of money. Money that other NSS personnel in the ‘big’ companies wish they had. While everyone is screaming ”The money wasn’t enough at all”, you’d be smiling to the bank feeling like a rich borga.

Area champion

What’s better than feeling like a celebrity in your area? Chances are everyone in that township is waiting for the NSS personnel from the big University in Accra. You’d be having frequent meetings with the Chief and anytime you take a walk, you’d get a thousand ‘shadouts’.

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You might be surprised, someone will have a baby and just name that child after you just to tap into the ‘Accra elitist’ anointing you don’t know you have.

A Wife

You know how most people just want to finish school, get married and start a family? That’s probably your dream too. Who knows? you might be presented with love in the form of the Chief’s daughter. Cool huh?

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Quick advice tho, do not go and abuse the people’s hospitality. Be nice, learn from them, give out your best to help grow their community and no that does not include giving the young girls babies. Be responsible.

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