Unfortunate Things You’ll Relate To If You Have Bad Handwriting

Photo by Janson K. from Pexels

I was one of those kids who started using a pen way way after his classmates because I had bad handwriting. That discrimination aside, there are so many other terrible things that you’ll have to deal with if your handwriting is bad. Here are a couple of them.

Not Being To Write Your Own Letters In SHS

Photo by RF._.studio from Pexels

In SHS your letters are more about presentation than content, honestly. As such, you couldn’t send out letters with bad hand writing. This means that if you were like me, you never actually wrote any of your letters. And you also probably had to pay your “friends” to write your letters for you.

Bad Grades On Essay Exams

Photo by Todoran Bogdan from Pexels

As someone with bad handwriting, one of your biggest fears is going to be essay questions on exams. Your bad handwriting can easily cost you grades. And if you take your time to draw your letters, you end up unable to finish answering all the questions.


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