The Top 5 Songs On Kev & Grenade’s Utopia

Kev and Grenade
Young Ghanaian HipHop artistes, Kev & Grenade

The best part of this last half of 2020 for me has been the fact that all the young artistes are dropping solid projects!!

Kev & Grenade dropped their joint project, Utopia about two weeks ago. I have been religiously listening to the project since then not because I wanted to write about it but because it’s definitely a 10/10!

I don’t even consider myself a huge fan of trap music but, I love what the boys did on this project. It was a hard decision to make but, these are my Top 5 songs off the Utopia album:

#5 Mi Lovi

Just because, representation matters, I’ll put this at number 5. It was an unexpected break because I was just settling in for more trap and then this song comes up. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that E.L wasn’t the one singing on the song.

#4 Utopia

If your project has a dope intro, then you are definitely doing the right thing! I heard Utopia and i just couldn’t wait to see what will come next and honestly, I couldn’t wait to replay the whole album again just to get that smooth soft yet lit intro.

#3 Slippin’

How can you not love this song??? The Ewe at the beginning should have warned me that it was going to slap me in the face. When the beat dropped, just know that I immediately lit up. I’m a sucker for songs with a heavy bassline.

#2 – Robocop

My favourite on the project (even though it’s not number 1) and only because no song on the album makes me happier than this particular one. I never jump but I just might see myself bobbing around the place to this song. Blackway was featured on this and I don’t have to tell you that he killed his role. I honestly think if someone doesn’t even like trap, they’d get lit to this song.

#1 Trae Young

I have replayed this song a thousand times honestly. I enjoyed this song immensely because the melody and everything were just right. The production had me in tears!!! That keyboard work in there was the extra special ingredient that made the song extra for me. Trae Young is a cruise and for me, that first verse and the hook/chorus???…INJECT it into my bloodstream, please.

Adonko gets a special shoutout because that song has always been lit!!!!!!

Get the album on all streaming platforms here: Utopia


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