Patrick Adjei Nketiah, The Man Making Boss Moves With African Print

Patrick Adjei Nketiah
Patrick Adjei Nketiah

Art, as ludicrous as it may appear in the eyes of just about anyone, is a quintessential representation of the ways of life of people all over the globe.

The Weeping Woman by the legendary Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp with his utterly simplistic but surprisingly tactile piece namely The Bicycle Wheel, the ever skilful painter and sculptor, Michelangelo with the most talked-about Fresco painting yet, The Creation of Adam, all these renowned individuals have paved the way for people all over the world to use art as a means to express themselves and put their individual narratives out into the world for general consumption and emulation in severe circumstances.

The intense surge of emotions that goes through virtually anyone with an artsy gene upon gazing and relating to a good piece is such a priceless feeling and it greatly assists to tap into top tier echelons of creativity and expression.

The expression of the creativity of an individual, most times in visual format has aided different people from all walks of life to make their voices heard and to give anybody with good artistic taste an aerial view of their sentiments, passion and motive.

Fashion also remains a vital aspect of art, and people continuously make names with fashion as their craft, but tucked away in the almost sandwich like vicinity between Cote D’Ivoire and Togo, Ghana is no different in the art department, and, dare I say, a revolution in art is in full force in the Gold Coast.

The beloved African print designs is one of the proud products Ghana has birthed during the years. It can be seen in every nook and cranny of the land, sewn in a taste maxi-dress for the beautiful Ghanaian dames, and for a posher appearance, a high-end suit for the gentlemen.

Ghanaian designers work in tandem with these eye-catching prints to bring the life most breath-taking regalia. A hint of the Ghanaian heritage woven tastefully into a garment. What could be better? Ghanaians keep taking the creation of pieces and the overall expression of their art to different levels every single day, as trends keep swooping in day in and day out, but nobody in the Gold Coast does it better than the lovely African print store, which just so happens to be the epitome of the best African print pieces anyone has set eyes on, branded Utama.

Run and owned by aspiring world-class entrepreneur and art connoisseur, Patrick Adjei Nketiah, Utama incessantly pushes the boundaries to bring to the general Ghanaian public culture with a touch of elegance. Patrick came into the Ghanaian fashion scene as a man with a very impressive African print designed bowtie, and, with drive and determination, has become a force to be reckoned with in the field of African design. Patrick oozes expression, freedom and heart, and so does Utama.

His works are indeed so perfectly executed, that they have succeeded in gaining international recognition, as the British High Commissioner to Ghana, Iain Walker, has been spotted rocking his ties from time to time. 

A man of the masses, Patrick thrives on in-depth connections with his charm and his sparkling golden smile, earning Utama a huge amount of social media followers over the years. The brand Utama is now a household name, and everybody stays in anticipation of whatever collection of masterpieces the brand has to offer, be it the most appealing T-shirts, bags and other essentials such as jewellery, wristwatches and yes, you saw correctly, coffee mugs, bringing the joys and wonders of the Ghanaian continent into a mug. Excellent aesthetic and consistency are what has engraved Utama into the pillars of Ghanaian, and soon international fashion.

The relaxed ambience of Utama is the general vibe of Ghana, and Patrick Adjei Nketiah has done an impeccable job at making that fact known locally and globally.

Fashion is an art that is mandatory in our everyday lives, however, it is not all brands that have done their part in merging the culture of their motherlands with their craft. Most people, unfortunately, do not have the slightest appreciation and respect for anything artistic. My advice to such people?

Take a trip to Ghana and visit Utama, and have a true feel of art none have experienced yet. Just like Utama in Ghana, art is an integral part of our everyday lives. It is that seamless bond that brings people and nations together. It is quite important that the world gives more credit to art and learn to appreciate art more, because believe it or not, art is the future, and the future is art.


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