Nathaniel Boateng And How He Has Transformed Being A Twitter Influencer In Ghana

Nathaniel Boateng (@Scripp_T)
Nathaniel Boateng (@Scripp_T)

Known for his hilarious tweets and all-around chatty persona, Ghanaian Twitter influencer, Nathaniel Boateng, popularly known as SCRIPP_T, has slowly but surely won the hearts of avid Twitter users all over the country.

Joining the Twitter app just two years ago and taking it by storm, Scripp_T believes solely in the importance of establishing meaningful connections with his followers, creating awareness on certain important issues, and seeing change. 

He does this effortlessly, as it is almost second nature to him to become a visionary influencer, and his hilarious energy is more than infectious enough to keep you following.

 From working with brands such as Pepsodent Ghana, Bolt, Jumia, Standard Chartered Bank, and many others, just a retweet is most certainly going to go a long way to propel your business and online presence to astronomical heights.

A man of the masses, Nathaniel has paved the way for influencers in Ghana to influence and promote change, as every Twitter user craves his opinion on various matters and look forward to his rib-jerking tweets. In the span of just a couple of years, all we can do is to wait for the exploits of Nathaniel, and honestly, we’re all here for it!


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