Kojo Antwi Walks A Fan Down The Aisle

Kojo Antwi walks Efia Antwiwaa Kajah down the aisle

The wedding day for any bride is one filled with unforgettable memories and a realization of many childhood dreams.

For newly married Efia Antwiwaa Kajah, a staff of one of the telecommunication companies in Ghana, and a die-hard fan of Ghana’s music Maestro, Kojo Antwi, her wedding day became more memorable and iconic than she had assumed would be possible.

She had dreamt and hoped it would happen but there is a difference between dreaming about and it actually happening.

According to Efia, it was the day her long-cherished dream of having the Maestro himself, Kojo Antwi hold her hand and walk her down the aisle to her waiting groom.

She told Suncity Radio in an interview that, she started following Kojo Antwi at age 13, when in JHS, and has since been an ardent fan of “Mr. Music Man”, playing and enjoying his songs at all times.

“I got so addicted to his songs (ecpecially, “nipa a odo me”) and personality that I resolved to have him take me to the altar when I was ready to marry, and go on and name my male child after him. My father, Mr. Kwadwo Asare Kajah, graciously agreed to my wish and gave that honour to my mentor”, an elated Efia stated.

She described Kojo Antwi as an affable and down-to-earth person, whose music soothes sorrows, heals souls and drives away dejections, and prayed God to continuously bless and make him a blessing to society.

“He did all these for me without taking a dime, and I’m eternally grateful to the maestro for this beautiful gesture,” she said.

Efia Antwiwaa tied the knot with Lieutenant Commander Solomon Dayira of the Ghana Navy, at the Arakan Methodist-Presby Church, Burma Camp in Accra.

Source: Suncity Radio||Kuulpeeps.com

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