Fried Rice Seller Wins Twitter With His Over The Top Skills

Skillful Fried Rice Guy

Some of us can’t even throw a ball into a dustbin that is just a footway. Give us that task and we would assume Lucifer himself sent you to try us.

But not this fried rice seller.

He has won Twitter with his impressive throwing skills which just goes to show that persistent practice makes one perfect indeed.

A video of the fried rice seller, who is believed to be selling at Official Town in Accra, dishing out fried rice from his frying pan into an ice chest has impressed many.

Standing a couple of feet away from the ice chest, he dishes our the rice and perfectly throws it into the ice chest, sometimes without even looking to make sure it landed where it should.

He has mastered the art with precision and Twitter could not get their jaws off the ground.

Some us would be donating half of the rice to the ancestors.


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