Dear NSS Personnel, Here Are The Essential Money Lessons You Need To Take Note Of

Money Ghana
Ghana cedis arranged on a table in a market stall in Accra,Ghana on thursday, 15th March 2018

The NSS Postings have been released and most people are less than happy about where they got.

Some of you too are chilling cuz all the connections and links worked and you’re going to be working in a private company earning more than the GHS 559 and so the chilling de3 double double right? Happy for you but let’s bring your mind back home.

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Once you’re done with school and you’re working, your parents sort of leave your money issues… Some of you have other siblings that need taking care of so the fact that you’re working is even relief for your parents… you know yourselves.

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This is really the time for budgeting and sticking to it. The first 2-3 months might be a little hard but once you adjust your body, mind and soul to the working system, you’ll get the hang of it. Know how much you spend every single time and what you spend on. You can track how you spend by using an Excel sheet.

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You need to get a savings account. Now, banks can link your account to your mobile money number and so it will be easier to send money into it without having to go and queue for hours in the bank. This method, even though it’s positive, can go sideways real quick and if you have a spending problem, this should be the last thing you do. You can alternatively get a new number and register it to mobile money and be using it for your savings.

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Apart from saving, you must try as much as possible to stop borrowing from people. Yes, the money might not be enough for you but the more you keep borrowing the less you actually have. Try and live within your means. If you cannot get something because you’re too broke, wait. When you get money, you can get it but don’t forget, you do not need to buy everything just because it’s in vogue. That’s just silly.

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If you know the money you’re earning isn’t going to cover anything but transportation, you need to try and get a side job. Your side job should be able to get you whatever extra cash you need. You cannot keep living from hand to mouth guys! why?  This world you came into, did you offend anyone?

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In conclusion, learn from your previous mistakes. Wrap your head around the fact that the money might not even be enough for your transportation and feeding so don’t sweat it if you cannot afford to go for some parties or link-ups or even get certain clothes or shoes. Relax and enjoy the process. This is a phase and it too shall pass.

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