Dealing With Money As An NSS Personnel

A lot of advice has been given about being an NSS personnel all over social media especially Twitter ranging from still sending CVs out to paying tithe and even to how to prevent yourself from being the perpetual waakye buyer in your office.

I mean all of these are necessary (especially about the waakye part) but one of the main struggles you may deal with are money struggles.

If you’re going to be left to fend for yourself by your parents during service then you’ll relate more to what I’m going to talk about.

With the same GHS 559 you’ll be receiving, you may always be broke and living from hand to mouth yet other people get to save about GHS 100 – 200 every month. What you need to remember is that your situation isn’t the same as theirs.

You’ll come to realize that some jobs provide transportation for others, some people’s parents drive them or give them transportation allowances, some people live near other workers who have cars so transportation is easier. Some people live near their offices, some people’s workplaces give them lunch everyday and some people aren’t even required to go to work everyday. So you see, you being able to save as much depends on your work situation.

If you fall under any of the points stated above, it means you should be able to save more. The fact that you’re making a little money now doesn’t mean it’s always going to be like that. Even if you don’t have any particular reason to save, just do it. You’ll find that it will save you in the future.

If the service money isn’t going to exactly help because it’s not even enough for your food and transportation, you have to try and cut down cost. If it means you looking through your workplace and finding someone who lives closer to you and has a car, do that. If it means you cooking from home and bringing it to work, do that. If it means cutting down the number of times you go out, do that. If you have a different venture to bring in additional income, by all means, do that!

You need to understand that the world isn’t a fair place and if you’re left at a disadvantage, you need to push harder than all the others having it easy, so you can be on the same level.

It’s not going to be easy. You’ll have days where you’re hungry at work and you cannot do anything about it because if you touch the money you have, you may not be able to go home. Or there may be days where you want to just loosen up and just chill with your friends but that would mean something else for your pocket.

Just remember to save as little as you can and not be pressured by what you see your friends doing. Mind your business and do your work as diligently as you can and you may even be retained. Get that extra source of income to support yourself and last but not least, embrace every single experience you have. Trust me, it’s all worth it.


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