4 Reasons Why You Need To Take A Break From Makeup


Makeup is magic! Lmao! Think about it. How else will you explain the way it covers up all your flaws and makes you look amazing. People take off their makeup and they look totally different! Makeup does the absolute most and if you’re like me, you love it.

Just as it’s amazing in its might, it can be a little destructive hence the reason why we need you to take a little break if you wear it very often. Here are 5 reasons why that little break is necessary.

1. Let your skin breathe

You’ve probably heard this line a million and one times but really think about it. Every single day you spend time applying different products to your skin which results in the clogging of your pores and congestion of your skin. In fact, it actually prevents oxygen from flowing in and out of your pores.

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