4 Drastic Life Changes We Have To Make Because Of COVID-19

Photo courtesy of David Ochieng

If we’re being completely honest, the coronavirus does not seem to be going away for a very long time, or for the foreseeable future at least.

Life, as we knew it a year ago, has completely changed, and a lot of adjustments are bound to be made to make you swim instead of sink in this mess of a year.

Here are 4 factors to run with whilst trying to live in Ghana with a pandemic as scary as the coronavirus.

You’re literally going to die if you don’t have a mask

Coronavirus in Ghana: Online funerals, face masks and elections without  rallies - BBC News

The wearing of a nose mask or any protective gear has become the new normal in Ghana because you can’t tell who has the virus or who doesn’t. so much so that a law has been passed that no one leaves their homes without one. Since the implementation of this law is meant to save your life, if you don’t have one on at all times, you’re most definitely going to be battling with death.

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