UENR: All The Things We Miss About Being In School


School…..an abyss of memories for some and a source of income for others.

Music to the ears of some (especially those with campus marriages) and a grinch trying to steal Christmas for others. I mean school is a lot of things to say with just a word or two but deep down no matter how much you hate school we all miss school. 

Almost 6 months with no school admit you hate to say it but you really wish you were there…we all do.

We miss the SRC weeks and departmental weeks. 

The heartwarming moments and free-loving situations. 

We miss the hot-blooded moments at the mention of test and lazy ass days where you don’t feel like going for lectures. 

We miss the times we would actually dress for lectures not to study but just to show that we too dey slay some. 

We miss the early morning rush for attendance just so that annoying relic of a lecturer would have nothing on you.

We miss that petty fights with our friends and just waiting for a friend to make a mistake just to troll him from dusk till dawn.

We miss the Friday night JAMA and the hall weeks.

The wifi….homagaad and serene environments.

We miss telling our parents we would have to buy books even though the only book we own is an exercise book which contains all the notes for every course

We miss school!!!!!!

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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