#MusicUnboxed: The Best Music From Our Chosen Emerging Artistes

Ghanaian emerging artistes
Dromobii, DJay, Phronesis and Korshi T for Kuulpeeps Music Unboxed

One thing we love to do here at Kuulpeeps is to project the work of emerging acts and Music Unboxed is one of the many ways we do that.

A few months ago, we launched the first edition with a playlist but this month, we are launching with an exclusive feature on specific artistes and their music.

After receiving about a 100 song submissions via e-mail from artistes, fans and friends of artistes and combing through these submissions for months, I finally settled on these 4 amazing artistes to feature on Music Unboxed because their music stood out.

Ghanaian emerging artistes
The shortlisted artistes: Dromobii, DJay, Phronesis and Korshi T

From tonight till Friday you’d get an exclusive into how these artistes got into music and their thoughts and process for each song that was selected. Be sure to follow Kuulpeeps on Instagram for these exclusive features.

Enjoy their music on the Music Unboxed Playlist on Apple Music or check out each song on this exclusive 4-track playlist here:

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Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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