Five Ways To Write An A-Grade Essay On A Business Topic

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Students are snowed under with different essays nowadays. The coronavirus pandemic was the focal reason for the implementation of remote learning.

Some say that online studying has an adverse impact on education. Other people state vice versa. Notwithstanding, there arearguably more home assignments students have to deal with than it used to be.

For instance,many young people claim that they get twice more business assignments than a year ago. No matter how hard they try, they can’t complete the tasks and receive the highest grade.

This article casts light on superb ways that will help you complete a business assignment and boost your GPA.

Be meticulous

A good approach toward the home task makes you one step ahead. If you are methodical by nature, this tip is for you, as it requires following many prep steps.

Take a rough sheet of paper and decide what your topic is about. Define its objective and write it down.

Since this is the task the teacher assigned you with, it has to be formal and meet the instructions stated by your educational institution. Then, jot down a list of points or arguments supporting your objective.

You can write it in the form of bullet points, maps, or alike. After you know what you want to include in your essay, you have to start writing the paper.

Usually, business papers do not exceed 500 words, so you don’t need to write an outline for your assignment. But if your professor requested so, WritingCheap and its professional writers are ready to serve, completing the most complicated task promptly.

The first introductory part has to be informative with some background information and MUST include a thesis statement.

The thesis statement is the sentence that demonstrates your main points you will develop in the following paragraphs. Your sentence must be clear, concise, and give a clear picture of things you will develop.

Make sure your first paragraph draws readers’ attention and makes them keep reading. You can include some statistics or interesting facts before stating your thesis. However, be sure that those “hook” sentences are formal and don’t contain any colloquial language and other slang nuances.

With regard to the body paragraphs, they tend to be the main part of your essay, as it contains your points and supporting arguments.

Each of the body should start with a topic sentence and end with a short concluding sentence. Remember to use transition words, such as “however,” “therefore,” “nonetheless,” etc.

In conclusion, you have to restate your thesis, remind the readers of your arguments, and stimulate them to discuss your topic. Don’t forget to use a Call To Action, which will persuade your reader to take some action afterward.

Know your audience

Before writing a paper, acknowledge your readers. Indeed, only the professor will most likely read your essay. However, to communicate effectively, you have to know who theoretically could read your paper.

Are these people aware of your subject or need a more in-depth introduction explaining what your topic is about? Try to picture your typical reader and adapt
your text to him/her.

Keep it tight

Even though formal writing can be extensive and you can find sentences that contain 50 words, you don’t have to stick to this style. Short sentences and short paragraphs are better when it comes to drawing the reader’s attention. To achieve this, you have to:
● Do away with excessive adjectives and adverbs. Don’t try to add too many eloquent words to make your paper look glossy. On the contrary, adjectives can jeopardize your grade. Avoid tautology, such as serious disasters, novel innovations, and make sure your essay is not full of adverbs.
● Plain and simple language is a must. Why write to make a decision when you can simply write to decide? Apply this rule every time it is possible.
● Ditch redundant phrases. Instead of saying in the process of implementation, say implementing.

Utilize tools to boost your writing

We live in an era of cutting-edge technology. Various apps help you make your writing polished and unprecedented. Some of these programs are paid, but there is a wide array of free versions, so why not use them?
Grammarly. Having two versions, you can benefit from the free one easily. No one is perfect, and your writing can have errors. Let’s be honest – even though we are native speakers, we are prone to commit mistakes. A wrongly placed comma or two guarantees you won’t get the highest grade. But I have spent on this task a couple of days! To eschew these situations, Grammarly is responsible for grammatical errors, misspellings, and typos.
Hemingway app. This web resource checks your written piece’s readability and underlines sentences that are difficult and very difficult to read. Aside from that, Hemingway aims to reduce your adverb usage and make your essay easy to read. Why not become a Hemingway of the 21st century?
OneLook Reverse Dictionary. Yes, you have to use simple words in your paper to increase the readability score. However, under no circumstance should you repeat the same word five times. English vocabulary has millions of words. Using OneLook Reverse, you are sure to find any synonym for any word. Besides, you can look up how a specific term can be used in the text.


The moment you put the last period doesn’t mean that your paper is finished. In fact, you have to undergo the proofreading and editing process. A set of fresh eyes can help you notice mistakes and correct them in a timely manner. If you can, ask your friends of the same faculty to skim through your essay, checking whether the information is coherent and mistake-free.


Using these ways, you can polish your business paper to shine. The incorporation of them ensures you can get the highest grade and spend less time on your assignments. In fact, most of these tips apply to every essay type, so you can employ and benefit from them on a daily

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