7 PlayStation 2 Classics We Will Never Forget

Photo by Kevin Bidwell from Pexels

Growing up, the PlayStation 2 was the console to have. And with it came a host memories competing with friends and discovering worlds created by developers. Today, we’re taking a look back at some of the classics, the games that made owning a PS2 something we’ll remember for a lifetime.

1. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto Vice City: Disk Cover

Vice City has got to bring back some memories for everyone. It was one of the earlier introductions into the GTA series the free roaming bature of the game made it very immersive.

2. Gran Turismo 3

Screenshot From Gran Turismo 3

One of the best things about Gran Turismo 3 was the fact that if you played the game enough, you could collect all of the shiny cars that you wanted.

3. God Of War

God Of War PS2 Gameplay

Every boy needs a healthy dose of violence growing up, right? Right!? Anyway, God of War is still popular because the game gave the chance to become this super human being that could throw punches with the gods.

4. Tekken 5

Screenshot Of Tekken 5 Gameplay (PS2)

Before we used to play Mortal Kombat so much, we played Tekken. And although the mechanics are similar, the “Street Fighting” aesthetic makes Takken a classic.


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