6 Black Power And History Books You Should Read

You have probably witnessed all the power to the black people trends on social media and probably wondered what the fuss was and how all of it came about and whether you should voice out your thoughts.

Here are 6 books that should help you figure things out.


Consciencism eBook by Kwame Nkrumah - 9781583677933 | Rakuten Kobo

A book by our very own Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. The First president of Ghana who has brought Africa closest to Pan-Africanism. This book is about the political philosophy of Pan-Africanism which is very unique from all other books written in this respect. You realize his methods are very peculiar and more practical. He speaks of the social structure of Africa with respect to, religion, tradition, culture and of colonialism and neocolonialism. His book seeks to bring harmony within the chaos in a way that is in tune with the original humanist principles underlying African Society.


A book written by Chancellor Willians. This is a revelation! A book that speaks of Africa’s history not the history of Africa by Arabs or Europeans, but Africa. This is a revolutionary book because it brings you to the truth of our strengths and weaknesses. From this knowledge we have a foundation as black people to know the way forward and the right steps to take as at now. This book took 16 years of research and field study to compile and yes, it does have great rewards of reading, expanding the mind not to the politics of this world but to matters of the mind

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